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Diving Taveuni 1993


This was my first trip to Fiji. The location was at Fiji's "garden island," Taveuni. I stayed at a resort called Dive Taveuni, now the Taveuni Island Resort. After I left the diving element of this resort was outsourced to another dive operation. The Cammicks, owners and operators, are New Zealanders who have been there for over 45 years. The focus is now as a honeymoon resort and a place for renewing vows. There are a number of beautiful resorts on Taveuni, which is located across the channel from Jean Michel Cousteau's resort on Vanua Levu.

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Fiji 2005


These are highlights from a diving trip to Fiji in October, 2005. The site was Wananavu Resort, on the north end of the main island of Viti Levu. Reefs in this area were unaffected by the extremely warm currents during recent years, which has caused coral death and bleaching on many of earth's tropical reefs. Fiji has been affected significantly, as has much of the Pacific. This is a cyclic problem, since the reefs recover amazingly after these episodes.

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Vanuatu 1994


Vanuatu, formerly known as New Hebrides, lies between Fiji and Australia. At the island of Espiritu Santo, where James Michner described his "Bali Hai" as the nearby island of Ambae, lies the world's largest recreationally diveable shipwreck, the President Coolidge. It is 2/3 the size of the Titanic. During WWII it was re-outfitted as a troop carrier. In 1942, with 5000 troops aboard, the pilot was attempting to evade an enemy submarine when he hit two mines and lost his ship. Evacuation was successful, but several men were lost. The photo of the smoking lounge is from 1937, showing the porcelain sculpture dominating the room. In 1994 the sculpture was seen deep within the wreck.

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Sulawesi, Indonesia 1997


This area of Indonesia, on the island of Sulawesi, is located just south of the Philippines. It is a unique area for underwater macrophotography. Of special note are the photos of the pygmy seahorses. In one photo there are two seahorses; the smaller one was about 1/4 inch high. All underwater photos made on this website were made with a Nikonos 5, which is very easy to use, but has significant limitations due to the need to estimate distance and exposure, except when doing extreme closeups.

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Palau 1996


Palau is one of the premier dive sites in the Pacific. Nearby Peleliu Island is the site of one of the biggest and longest Pacific battles of WWII. Palau's largest island, Babeldaob, was the site of broadcasts of Tokyo Rose recordings. The island group is famous for its rock islands and salt water crocodiles. The reefs are spectacular. Palau is one of the most responsible Pacific nations for ocean conservation.

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Miscellaneous Underwater 1971-2005


These diving photos are from various locations. Some were made as early as 1971, using flashbulbs.

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Southern California


These are underwater photos made between 1971 and 1980 along the Southern California coast and islands. Most of them came from using flashbulbs, before truly reliable strobes were available. We used rubber strips with holes punched out so the good and used bulbs could be carried back topside. There were plenty of misfires.

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Mammoth 2006


2005-2006 Mammoth Mountain ski season was a year of record snowfall! By the end of the season snowfall reached about 70 feet. My last trip during the last week of March saw 4 feet of snow fall in 2 days. The car is shown halfway through, after only 2 feet had fallen.

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Slovenia 2003


This was a 2 week driving trip through one of the most beautiful parts of Eastern Europe. Slovenia was a part of the former Yugoslavia. My itinerary was arranged by ham radio friends in Ljubljana. Their hospitality and organization was more than I could imagine. At stops all over Slovenia I was met by groups of hams that showed the same degree of hospitality and dedication. To all these people I am eternally grateful.

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Czech Republic 2000


In 2000 Patty and I drove around Czech Republic for two weeks. Our point of entry was from the southwest in the area of Sumava, a military zone during the time of USSR influence. It was an exclusive zone, so was very pristine and quiet with beautiful villages and breathtaking scenery.

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Yellowstone 2015


This was our first trip to Yellowstone. The colors in the geysers were beyond belief.

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Blue Angels El Centro
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Blue Angels 2002


This was the air show at El Centro, CA in 2002. The goal was to photograph all six Blue Angels with their numbers readable.

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Blue Angels 2004


In 2004 the Blue Angels were again captured together in flight with their numbers displayed.

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Miscellaneous General Photos


These photos are a mix from many parts of the world over a period of many years.

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