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Mammoth 2006


2005-2006 Mammoth Mountain ski season was a year of record snowfall! By the end of the season snowfall reached about 70 feet. My last trip during the last week of March saw 4 feet of snow fall in 2 days. The car is shown halfway through, after only 2 feet had fallen.

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Slovenia 2003


This was a 2 week driving trip through one of the most beautiful parts of Eastern Europe. Slovenia is a part of the former Yugoslavia. My itinerary was arranged by ham radio friends in Ljubljana. Their hospitality and organization was more than I could imagine. At stops all over Slovenia I was met by groups of hams that showed the same degree of hospitality and dedication. To all these people I am eternally grateful.

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Czech Republic 2000


In 2000 Patty and I drove around Czech Republic for two weeks. Our point of entry was from the southwest in the area of Sumava, a military zone during the time of USSR influence. It was an exclusive zone, so was very pristine and quiet with beautiful villages and breathtaking scenery.

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Yellowstone 2015


This was our first trip to Yellowstone. The colors in the geysers were beyond belief.

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